Human Rights

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Universal recognition of human rights remains a major challenge in the world. Civil society organizations and activists play a crucial role in order to enhance human rights states in their countries. Therefore, FES Jordan is committed to promote Human rights standards and values and human rights protection mechanisms as strategic tools used every day to help all stakeholders to strengthen human rights protection mechanisms. FES is fulfilling its commitments through its partnerships with government, civil society organizations and coalitions and through relevant regional and national activities. 

The Focus of Our Work 

  • Providing information to the public on political and social developments and democratic reform
  • Increasing political participation and involvement of youth promoting social justice and gender equality


Energy transition phase model - MENA

Caese of Jordan: the sustainable transformation of energy systems

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Labor protests in Jordan 2018


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Barari, Hassan A.

Jordan and Israel

a troubled relationship in a volatile region

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Maha Qashou

Program Manager
Youth Empowerment and Human Rights  



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