Tuesday, 26.06.18 - International Hotel, Amman

Social Protection Floors´ 2nd Forum in Jordan "Towards a Comprehensive Social Protection System"

Under the Patronage of H.E. Ms. Hala Latouf, Minister of Social Development, the FES Amman and the Phenix Center for Sustainable Developement organized this forum on Social Protection.

  • Photo: FES Amman

Social protection is a fundamental human right, clearly enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966. It has also been ratified by several ILO Conventions, most notably C102 - Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102) - Convention concerning Minimum Standards of Social Security (Entry into force: 27 Apr 1955).

As is well known, Jordan has ratified all these covenants and agreements, which greatly helps to strengthen social protection Floors in Jordan. In the context of the evolution of the concept of social protection, in 2012 the ILO issued a Recommendation No. 202 on national social protection floors, with Social Protection being addressed from a more holistic perspective. Social protection is also an essential component of sustainable development goals 2030.

In Jordan, the promotion of Social Protection is a top priority. Various economic policies, especially the fiscal policies implemented within the restructuring programs, have weakened the Social Protection system. Poverty and unemployment have also put pressure on the institutions that provide these protections especially that Jordan has a fragile and incoherent social protection system. The war in Syria and the influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan have added more pressure on the Social Protection system, which already suffers from imbalances.

Therefore, the organizers of this forum on Social Protection (Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung), and in support of the new government's review processes and the implementation of the contents of the letter of designation that has aimed at building a comprehensive and effective Social Protection system, hope to conduct a constructive discussion among the various social partners and policy makers from government representatives, parliament, experts, academics and civil society organizations, on the challenges facing Jordan in this area. This forms aims too to identify the challenges and gaps experienced in forming comprehensive SPFs, and to develop alternative policies that can be worked on to improve the quality and efficiency of the Social Protection system in Jordan

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