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About FES Iraq

Since 2004 the FES has engaged in supporting and consolidating the democratization process in Iraq. FES is intensively supporting building public institutions, strengthening the civil society and promoting Human Rights in Iraq.

The aim of the activities of FES Iraq is promoting democracy and political participation, supporting progress towards social justice and gender equality, as well as contributing to ecological sustainability for peace and security in Iraq and the region.


From 2004 onwards, the Amman Office also coordinates the activities of FES in Iraq. At the origin of the Iraq projects were the support for the constitutional process and assistance in the development of new media outlets, as well as an extensive engagement in the training of Iraqi election monitors. Over the years, FES has extended its network of local partners and has broadened the scope of its activities in Iraq. 

The Focus of Our Work

  • Promoting political participation and improving democratic processes
  • Strengthening public institutions and civil society
  • Advocating accountability of public institutions
  • Furthering the exchange between Parliament and civil society
  • Providing information and assistance to decision-makers through consultation and knowledge-transfer
  • Increasing political participation and involvement of youth
  • Promoting social justice and gender equality
  • Providing information to the public on political and social developments and democratic reform

Projects we manage

Training on Election Monitoring

Training on Election Monitoring

FES has broad experience in organizing election monitoring in Iraq: It was the first European organization to train Iraqi election observers in 2004. In partnership with the UN, FES organized training sessions that enabled 4,500 independent Iraqi observers to monitor the first and second elections in Iraq in 2005.

Women Forum

Women Forum

In 2017, FES Iraq has encouraged the formation of the Iraqi union’s women forum and is supporting the forum through different capacity building activities and linking the forum with national, regional and international partners with aim to exchange experience and to support their struggle for women rights.

Trade Unions

Trade Unions

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is convinced that social justice is a cornerstone of social democracy. Trade unions are key actors in promoting democracy and social justice. Cooperation with trade unions is therefore a cross-cutting task in all areas for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung as a whole.

Our Partners

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

FES Amman and Tammuz have been cooperating for several years across various fields, including the training of election monitors, the promotion of political participation, the strengthening of the involvement of students and youth and the training of human rights activists. In addition, FES Amman and Tammuz have been working together with the Parliament on a number of laws, for example regarding political parties, the electoral system and labor relations.

Information Center for Research and Development

Information Center for Research and Development

FES Amman has supported the work of the Info Center since its founding in 2011. In the course of this partnership, several policy papers and studies have been published tackling the challenges Iraq is currently facing, such as the consolidation of its democratization efforts. In addition, FES Amman and Info Center did groundbreaking work in Iraq in the by conducting surveys studying Iraqi public opinion towards political participation and elections among other topics.

Iraqi Center of Worker`s Culture (ICWC)

Iraqi Center of Worker`s Culture (ICWC)

FES Amman and ICWC have been cooperating for several years on Trade Unions’ Issues, including training activities on relevant laws such as the labor law and on capacity building of female and youth trade unionists as well as promoting Social Protection. Recently, a stakeholder analysis was published under the title “Iraq's social protection system: stakeholder analysis”.

Yousef Ibrahim

Program Manager
Iraq & Global Union Federations 


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